An external wall insulation system (EWIS) is a system of thermal insulation, weather protection and occasionally an external finish, mechanically fixed to the external wall of a building. It is sometimes also called a total external wall system or total external wall cladding.

An EWIS may be applied to any type of building, although it is most commonly used on residential property. The system is designed to protect the property from the weather and improve its thermal insulation. It can also improve the appearance of the property, and may even add value to it.

External wall insulation systems usually consist of three components:

1. A base layer of insulation material, such as expanded polystyrene (EPS) or mineral wool

2. A middle layer of weather-resistant membrane, such as a vapour barrier or breather membrane

3. An outer layer of finish, such as acrylic render or brick slips

The base layer of insulation is usually attached to the wall with mechanical fixings, such as nails or screws. The middle layer is then applied, followed by the outer layer of the finish.

External wall insulation systems can provide significant thermal insulation to a property. They can also improve its appearance and potentially add value to it.


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